Temair’s Essential Oil tip of the day 10/26/16

Goin26308c58d21d6e1f949b4617fe9a9ac0g through the book “The Complete Guide to Essential Oils and Aromatherapy” by Valerie Ann Worwood. An amazing book I highly recommend for anyone interested in Oils. Thank you to my friend Kristi for letting me borrow her copy.


I found a recipe in here for a massage oil for Rheumatoid Arthritis ! Yes!
Now to get my daily massages, as it says I require them 🙂



Rheumatoid Massage Oil

Chamomile German 8 drops
Lavender 10 drops
Peppermint 2 drops
Eucalyptus 8 drops

Diluted in a base of 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Personally, I would add maybe 6 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Then you will have extra pre-made for later use.

Next find a person who will massage your whole body twice a day with this mixture.
I think this will be the biggest challenge of all. If you find someone hopefully they look like Brad Pitt.

I will let you know how my journey goes with this amazing oil recipe.

Enjoy, have a good day.


Cheer, Tara


Sulwhasoo Deals Now !! KBeauty Luxury

Sulwhasoo is the lux in luxury of all K-Beauty. Every beautiful person deserves a special treat in the holiday season. On my last post about Sulwhasoo I wrote about the history and backstory of this brand if this is new for you. Sulwhasoo is the best!
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Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum – Introducing the Universal First Step

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Temair’s Essential Oil tip of the day


Since I am on this essential oil14700997_10153945864572548_4755539220603103531_os kick lately and learning all the ways to make the oils part of my daily life I am now going to do a little tip or recipe of the day 🙂

Today’s tip is a simple one. I woke up a bit stuffy this morning and with cold and flu season on I just thought of this idea and it works great.

In the mornings if you wake up stuffed up in the nose or chest. And especially if its a chilly morning.

Take your favorite house coat or throw blanket whatever is your comfy item you use in the mornings or evenings to stay cozy.

Take a wash cloth, get it wet and put 4 drops of Eucalyptus oil on the cloth and put it in the dryer with your clothing item for about ten minutes. Brew your coffee or tea, dance around the kitchen to keep warm. Then DING put that warm comfy breath easier house coat on, sit back drink your tea or coffee take ten mins to yourself to wake up, breathe the Eucalyptus in deeply. Then get ready for your day hopefully feeling a little more clear in the nose and refreshed.

Then on days you don’t have to go anywhere, Netflix hang out snuggle days do the same thing with Lavender oil. mmm mmm

Temair’s Affiliate Shopping Mall :)

Here is a banner list of the companies I am affiliated with for quick shopping. With affiliates I make a small % commission of the sales. So thank you ahead of time, helping me support my blog and this is my full-time career. Time to get some Christmas shopping done! I am very proud of the companies I am affiliated with.

100% Pure Matte Lipsticks

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Playing with my Sephora Play box

Octobers Sephora Play  “The Cool Cut” box is really nice. Past few months I have not been pleased with the Play and was tempted to cancel the service. The only thing holding me back from canceling was the long waiting period to receive it in the first place. Honestly, I would be happy to pay another $10 to $15 a month to get some full sized products. And to be able to log in and add my Sephora points to my account without having to go to a Sephora store make a purchase in order to add the points. This was a purchase?

Anyways, I am happy with this month. Here is the listing of the items that came. If you haven’t received your box yet. STOP READING NOW! LOL Exit top right corner….. personally I hate spoilers.


The huge YSL in the center popped out at me like I had found a nugget of gold!

Item List:

YSL Mon Paris Eau De Parfum Sample

Christophe Robin Regenerating Hair Mask with Prickly Pear Seed Oil

Smashbox Always on Matte Liquid Lipstick in Driver’s Seat

Skin Inc Pure Revival Peel

Blinc Mascara Amplified

Belief The True Cream Aqua Bomb

Excellent products this month I will be using the Christophe Robin Hair Mask tonight!

Cheers, Tara



Anjou Luxury Essential Oils

I received Anjou Essential Oil Gift set this week complimentary for review. All opinions in this review are my own and always will be my own.

Anjou Essential Oils Gift Kit is an excellent starter set of six o14700997_10153945864572548_4755539220603103531_oil in all the primary scents.

Great for people starting out in the lifestyle of essential oils. Essential oils have many uses from aromatherapy to skincare to home decor. I use the oils for many reasons, I am new to the world of essential oils and this is the perfect starter kit for me. I was needing the primary oils, primary oils are the basic scents needed for a great collection.



The oils are 100% Pure and Natural. With no fillers or additives.

Certified 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil

This set comes with six 10ml bottles of:

  • Lavender Oil
  • Sweet Orange Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Eucalyptus Oil
  • Lemongrass Oil
  • Peppermint Oil

All essential oils must be diluted in a carrier oil (such as coconut oil, aragon, sweet almond and avocado oil) there are lots of variety of carrier oils out there to choose from. Personally, I use Coconut oil as a carrier or I put the oil in my diffuser which I use daily in the house. Each day I change out the oil for a fresh new scent making my house smell lovely.

I add a few drops of Lavender to my pillow and my husband’s pillows, which relaxes both of us and is excellent to help you fall asleep. The past few mornings my husband has been telling me about how he had such a great sleep the night before.

There are many books and information online about how to use Essential oils and their benefits. I have taken up the topic with a strong passion a very fun hobby to do. Skincare is my biggest interest right now. With this set from Anjou I can experiment for days.

The set comes in a nice strong box with a pull out tray that holds the oils in. Very nice piece to display in your home decor. And each bottle tells you the country of origin of each oil which I found interesting.

With Christmas around the corner, this would make a great gift for an oil lover or an excellent housewarming gift. When you purchase a set you can also receive their Essential Oils guide for free which is extremely helpful.

I look forward to trying many more of Anjou’s amazing products!

You can order these products in links below

Anjou Essential Oil Kit

Anjou Essential Oils on Amazon

Anjou Main Webpage

Thank you also to @BloggerRequired

Timeless Rose Organic Moisturizer from OdYlique more miracles of Roses!

Temair's Beautiful World (Temair Gaelic) Hill of Tara

Odelique1Odylique is an all natural organic skincare company based in Suffolk, England. All of their products are made with the kindest of care, only best quality ingredients nature provides.The company strives to help people with skin care concerns, with the love of a mother’s touch in each bottle.

Odylique was created 30 years ago by Margaret, a mother trying to find a solution for her family’s eczema problems. Regular, conventional products were not helping. Professionally qualified in Herbal medicine and Aromatherapy, Margaret began mixing and creating these beautiful products. Margaret named her company Essential Care and recently renamed to ODYLIQUE meaning “Power of Nature“. The company was relaunched in 2003 with her Daughter Abi and husband Colin. I love family run business.

Such a beautiful backstory of Odylique. When I received my package from England this week I was so excited. I ripped it open like it was…

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