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My makeup shopping haul of my life. For years I watched videos of ladies getting massive amounts of beauty products, pedicures mani’s etc… and always dreamed it was me. Well November my time finally came after 18 years. My darling husband gave me the bank card !!!!


I started my shopping spree off on my Birthday November 7th with a little budget. Until this point I had a few odds and sods of makeup. A Elizabeth Arden set from two years ago sitting in a box with old old junk. My regular mascara and eyeliner and one lipstick I always used. I am the type of lady who would never buy anything for myself. If I was to buy something it would always be for the house, or the garden or hubby and our daughter. Hubby was always saying to me, Tara buy yourself something nice for a change. This time it finally sunk in and boy did i listen. And went straight to Walmart. Spent a 100 dollars on drugstore makeup i was so excited. Got it home spread it out all over the floor like a kid on halloween.

Tried an eyeshadow, rubbed my finger into it and nothing swatched onto my hand, so i rubbed some more still nothing this was a bright metallic blue. Miffed I tried the next one same thing, some color came but I sure had to waste a lot of product to get something to show up. Opened a blusher same deal had to use way to much for it to show up. Opened a lipstick and yes it was awesome, that was Milani their lipsticks are amazing! Smell great, good texture nice and smooth and awesome colors. So I kept the Milani lipsticks and 1 Milani blusher and returned the rest.

Got home and logged into Sephora for the first time. Hours later I made my first purchase the beloved KatVonD Mi Vida Loca eyeshadow palette!!


This is the best eyeshadow palette ever ! It truly is. The color pigmentation is so strong and beautiful matte, shimmer and metallics. One dab on your brush and you are good, you need to blend to tone it down instead of adding more to brighten it up. I love the wheel great for anyone who is unsure of their colors. Tho i believe there are no rules in makeup it’s art for your face. Be your own creation.

My second purchase was five Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks, absolutely beautiful colors. Nice smooth mattes and shimmers. I love them.


Then December 1 came and Christmas arrived that day LOL!


Very very lucky girl! Then January 15th I was given a whole lot more to spend I’m still in shock! This next half I vlogged LOL.


Elizabeth Arden Palettes

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Estee Lauder love

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Smashbox love

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Palette 🎨 loves

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My collection so far

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The end ….. for now



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