Meditation and Mildfulness


Those of you know who know me I am a Buddhist practicing Eastern Buddhism from India origins. I have been under vow to a spiritual leader since the year 2000. It is a major part of my life that i tend to lack on a lot of the time. I got through phases where I’m pumped up and almost crave meditation. It is so relaxing and peaceful and centers you and brings you back to the current moment. No stressing about yesterday or what tomorrow holds. All that matters is right now this second.  I’m not going to preach religion everyone has their views and a right to them. You find trees for example your higher power, whatever works for you 🙂

I find every aspect of Meditation extremely beautiful. Every human on the planet deserves to treat themselves to quiet time. Even if you can only manage five minutes. You made five minutes for yourself. You drop your current stress and worries, relax anxiety, gain energy, and feel rested and peaceful when you are done.

When I started out in 2000 I had never meditated in my life. Knew nothing about it and thought the concept was for loonies. A very special lady in my life sat me down in front of a candle with quiet zen type music playing in the background. She told me to just sit and focus on the flame of the candle. She explained that my concentration will constantly be trying to distract me from the flame. And to simply just refocus on the flame, till I can focus long and long at a time. Deep breathing, inhale for 5 right down to your toes and exhale all the way up your back to the top of your head. I managed to sit for 30 minutes my first try. I was so relaxed and refreshed as if I had just had a small nap. Blissful !

I will create a few beginner videos to show you the proper techniques and tips on how to be successful. Specially my followers with Illness and PTSD this will be a massive help in easing the pain for you.

Find a spot in your home and make it a dedication meditation area. It must be spotless clean and comfortable. You can do the pillows on the floor, if you are a floor sitter. Or a nice chair with arms works great as well. Even a yard chair is good you don’t have to cross your legs if you are sitting in a chair. I use my lazyboy chair and cross my legs in it. On high pain days I even have it reclined if needed. You will need candles preferably a big three wick with Sandalwood scent. Pillows, nice area rugs, planets flowers whatever you choose. Put the candle in on a table in front of where you will sit. And make it relaxing and peaceful spot. Your quiet place.  And Sandalwood Incense if you like incense. Sandalwood is a conductor for positive energy and creates a beautiful aroma around the room.


Good morning it is Sunday 2/21/2016 and I just created my first meditation video. I will be posting videos hopefully each Sunday. My videos are not meant to push religion in any way. I do them because I enjoy it and hope you will enjoy it with me. Subscribe to my and give the videos a thumbs up. Thank you and relax and enjoy. Each week they will get a little longer the longer you sit the better 🙂


Part 2 uploading right now. Stay tuned.

If you are a reader and love to study new things, here are a few books I suggest to get you started.

#1 The Bhagavad Gita – Author Eknath Easwaran

#2 Eastern Philosophy – Author Mel Thompson

#3 Autobiography of a Yogi – Author Paramahansa Yogananda

#4 The Five Tibetans – Author Christopher S Kilham

#5 The Knee of Listening – Author Carolyn Lee

Enjoy and remember to breathe I will post my own videos for you soon





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