Temairbeauty.com is live now !! woohoo

I have finally taken the step and gone self-hosted and putting the final touches on my new blog. Stofls.com will be taken down in 30 days.

My new address is:


I am so excited about this change. Temair is a Gaelic word meaning Hill of Tara which is a very historical place in Ireland. I was named after this place and my married name is Hill. So I couldn’t pass up this name it’s absolutely perfect for me.

If you are a new follower please go to my new site and if you are a current follower please check out the new site. It is still a work in progress but I pressed the go, live button this morning.

Thank you to my followers you all mean the world to me and I appreciate you reading my ramblings 🙂 Leave me a comment if you are new and I will make sure to follow you back. I promise.

Cheers, Tara Hill


Honi Essentials Monthly Box

cvbivzpueaajietNovember is here and the new Honi box is due to come out if it is as good as Octobers box essential oil lovers are going to be happy. I had the pleasure of reviewing Honi’s October box complimentary, all opinions in this post are my own and always will be me own.

The box came perfectly packaged securely with each bottle carefully wrapped so no spills or breakage. I was so excited to see they give you full-size bottles!

Over the past month, I have tested out many different oil companies learning about how to tell the difference in good quality and bad quality. Honi’s oils are very good quality. You can tell by their consistency. The oil runs like water but a little bit thicker. Good quality oils will never be cheap. The plant matter that is required to produce a good oil can be extremely expensive to produce, so if you are paying a cheap price you are probably getting a cheap oil.

Purity is a major factor when it comes to true essential oil. In the industry,there are so many fakes out there trying to pass off their product as, natural oil. Even an oil that is 100% pure may not have been processed correctly provides a mild flowery perfume scent. But this means nothing if it does not offer the proper therapeutic benefit of proper essential oils. 14915303_10153993131737548_5542741086676890256_n

Things to remember when using Essential oils

#1 Keep out of reach of children

#2 If you are pregnant consult with your doctor or just stay away from them completely

#3 Store them in a cool place

#4 Always use a base oil with them, ie: coconut oil unless you are using a defuser.

#5 Do not ingest them

Honi’s Essential Oil’s are Therapeutic grade very good quality. The monthly box comes with three full-size bottles per month.

Octobers box was lovely it came with Sweet Orange, Frankincense, and Cassia great combination.




Thank you Honi Essentials for the beautiful oils. Can’t wait to see what this month brings!

HoniEssentials Main Webpage

They are a wonderful small company, which I love to support small companies. So subscribe to their monthly box you will not be disappointed !!

Cheers, Tara Temair Beauty

Timeless Rose Organic Moisturizer from OdYlique more miracles of Roses!

Temair's Beautiful World (Temair Gaelic) Hill of Tara

Odelique1Odylique is an all natural organic skincare company based in Suffolk, England. All of their products are made with the kindest of care, only best quality ingredients nature provides.The company strives to help people with skin care concerns, with the love of a mother’s touch in each bottle.

Odylique was created 30 years ago by Margaret, a mother trying to find a solution for her family’s eczema problems. Regular, conventional products were not helping. Professionally qualified in Herbal medicine and Aromatherapy, Margaret began mixing and creating these beautiful products. Margaret named her company Essential Care and recently renamed to ODYLIQUE meaning “Power of Nature“. The company was relaunched in 2003 with her Daughter Abi and husband Colin. I love family run business.

Such a beautiful backstory of Odylique. When I received my package from England this week I was so excited. I ripped it open like it was…

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Beauty Hack: Fix Broken Powder With One Simple Trick

You’ll love this useful and super helpful beauty Hack to fix broken powder with one simple trick that you never thought of. Did you ever find you loved makeup powder got broken into “powder” after putting in the handbag for days, how frustrating it can be! I usually dump it with heart-broken (the makeup powder, foundations and eye makeup palettes that I tried so many times to make it match perfect for my face makeup! Ohh…). Luckily a friend told me that there’s a simple and easy solution to fix broken powder using one ingredient – alcohol, I am so

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In memory of you, my angel above

It’s odd how my computer has been stuck on the date September 29 for two days now. I’m sure it’s your way of telling me you are here. Grief never goes away, it fades away all year till this day.

This is not makeup post or anything I normally post. But a blog is for writing anything you want, right? mourning-period-loss-of-my-mother-special-children-cui3iq-clipart

I held my grief in check yesterday because it was my sisters birthday it’s hard to celebrate and grieve the loss of your mother on the same day. September 29, 1989 we lost our mother on my sisters birthday. A day that now haunts all of us every year, but every year I try to bring smiles to my sister’s face and help her be distracted from the pain.

Today September 30 even tho my computer is stuck on September 29th is my day to let it out. Spent the day reflecting and asking the yearly question of why? Why?

Today was a lonely day, none of my friends and family messaged me or called. Emails, texts, tweets, personal contact ignored on the day of the year I need it the most. Tho I know most of you don’t understand and had no idea what day it was.

Except for you mom, I know you are here with me. I feel you touch my arm and I hear you call my name. You talk to me in my dreams while we have fun together as if you are really here with me. You protect me and keep me safe from things I don’t understand in this realm.

Thank you for being my mother and angel from above. In the place, you wanted to be, happy with all the relatives who love you there. But, remember we all love you down here too and miss you with every breath I take. We will be together again one day…..


My Mom RIP

Suicide awareness is so important If you know somebody in crisis call 911 without delay.

Mental health awareness is most important of all. Understand, study and learn …..

It could say someone’s life one day.