Proud to be a Sulwhasoo US Affiliate!!

Very excited to announce I have been accepted as a Sulwhasoo US Affiliate. The past few months I have fallen in love with Korean Beauty. The K-beauty market is booming and is so exciting to explore. Many of the products are very different than what we find here in North America. The secrets to generations of beautiful women from Korea are finally being released and shared with us ladies over the ocean. I have always found Korean ladies absolutely stunning, such natural beauty with flawless skin.


I am so excited I can share these products with you. Sulwhasoo is quality luxury that every lady needs to have on display on their vanity. And even better show it off on your beautiful skin.

Sulwhasoo’s Korean Herbal Medicinal Skincare began with the company’s founder, Suh Sung-whan. Growing up in Gaeseong, Korea, a city known for quality Ginseng he learned and helped his mother find best quality ingredients for her Camellia Oil business. Mastering his knowledge and heartfelt desire of the healing powers of Korean Medicinal Herbs. He has dedicated his life and passion to creating the best skincare products.

From their website:

“Since 1967, Sulwhasoo has made groundbreaking success and is gaining global popularity to this day. In 2004, Sulwhasoo advanced into Hong Kong, a city famous for its glistening nightscape and global name brand boutiques. Here, Sulwhasoo was ranked as Top3 Steady Sellers thus securing its position as a high-end luxury skincare brand. In 2010, Sulwhasoo made its North American debut, entering Bergdorf Goodman, the most luxurious department store in New York. The Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream was selected as “BG Best Pick” garnering many fans in a city named one of the fashion capitals of the world. In 2012, Sulwhasoo expanded to Singapore’s Tang department store. One of the brand’s all-time best sellers, First Care Activating Serum, was ranked #1 in sales and has become a must-have item not only in Singapore, but throughout Asia and the United States.”

SWS 50th Anniversary CGC EX GWP Offer 300x600

These are my affiliate links, I do receive a small commission from your purchase. So thank you in advance!  I look forward to working with Sulwhasoo for a long time to come. Thank you Sulwhasoo ! Cheers, Tara


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