Kat Von D Palette Debate 2016

s-l1600Since last November in 2015 after purchasing the Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette that features 24 bright rainbow color shades inspired by vintage vinyls. I have had a hard time finding anything that compares to its colors, quality, and textures. I feel after that palette launch I was so spoiled by its greatness, Kat’s other palettes seem to fall short for me. Do not get me wrong though I am a true KVD fan 100% all the way. I have all of her palettes except the light and shade’s I haven’t splurged on those YET.

September 2016 my girlfriend bought me the Serpentina Palette the colors are so bright yet dark and edgy I find myself not wanting to touch it. Comes with eight pans and one container of a loose gold powder. It is a gorgeous piece of makeup art in my eyes and on my eyes WOW the shadows have glimmers of different colors in them. Example the Black “Ankh” has gold flecks with a slight tint of red in it. Makes for a great liner on both upper and lower lids.tumblr_ocl1sw4eb01ujxx4go1_540

“Hieroglyph” is an orangish copper lovers dream! I find out of this palette this color and the red “Bloodthirst” I use the most. At the time I was given this Palette I had just bought the ABH Modern Renaissance, I find myself not even touching that at all. Just does not compare in quality it’s already turned flakey and with tons of fallout. My Serpentina sits in my china cabinet in its box for safe keeping. A sign of a true KVD fan I would say. Proud of it I am.

Now in October 2016 Kat has released the MetalMatte Palette. Facing one direction the art on the front says Matte and turn it upside side and it says Metal. Very artistic and a super design by Kat, she is such an amazing artist. I could see lots of fan’s getting this tattoo on their arm. This “super” limited edition palette very long, heavy strong quality packaging with a great mirror. The palette is so long I couldn’t swatch it all on my little arm, it goes past my elbow to my middle upper arm. It comes in 22 stunning shades in two high-contrast finishes. Matte and her famous Metal textures. The palette is formed of two rows, the top row features all the Metal finish shadows which are amazing. And the bottom row, are Matte shades which pair up perfectly with the Metals. As with all of her shadows the powders are a soft buttery texture, very smooth, blendable and crease resistant. A little goes a long way. This is one aspect I love so much about her palettes is you really get what you pay for top quality and generous amounts per pan. These three palettes are going to last me years literally. I keep them all in their boxes when I’m not using them and in a fairly air tight cabinet to help them keep their moisture. I live in Arizona and I don’t want them drying out before I get max use out of them.14494746_10153906373527548_4634668933295484792_n

I bought the Everlasting Mini Lip Collection to go with it. I will write about these gorgeous lippys soon. !!14572149_10153906459647548_8769118916304030438_n

Here is where I would love to hear your opinion. Are you are Kat Von D fan? What is your favorite palette? What do you like or dislike? How many palettes do you own of KVD?

Leave me comments down below I would love to hear from you !

And everything is 100% Cruelty Free !!

Love you Kat

Cheers a loyal fan and customer Tara


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