In memory of you, my angel above

It’s odd how my computer has been stuck on the date September 29 for two days now. I’m sure it’s your way of telling me you are here. Grief never goes away, it fades away all year till this day.

This is not makeup post or anything I normally post. But a blog is for writing anything you want, right? mourning-period-loss-of-my-mother-special-children-cui3iq-clipart

I held my grief in check yesterday because it was my sisters birthday it’s hard to celebrate and grieve the loss of your mother on the same day. September 29, 1989 we lost our mother on my sisters birthday. A day that now haunts all of us every year, but every year I try to bring smiles to my sister’s face and help her be distracted from the pain.

Today September 30 even tho my computer is stuck on September 29th is my day to let it out. Spent the day reflecting and asking the yearly question of why? Why?

Today was a lonely day, none of my friends and family messaged me or called. Emails, texts, tweets, personal contact ignored on the day of the year I need it the most. Tho I know most of you don’t understand and had no idea what day it was.

Except for you mom, I know you are here with me. I feel you touch my arm and I hear you call my name. You talk to me in my dreams while we have fun together as if you are really here with me. You protect me and keep me safe from things I don’t understand in this realm.

Thank you for being my mother and angel from above. In the place, you wanted to be, happy with all the relatives who love you there. But, remember we all love you down here too and miss you with every breath I take. We will be together again one day…..


My Mom RIP

Suicide awareness is so important If you know somebody in crisis call 911 without delay.

Mental health awareness is most important of all. Understand, study and learn …..

It could say someone’s life one day. 


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