More, pumpkin pie? Or how about some pumpkin Chai! 

Fall is here, my favourite time of the year since I was a child. The smell of burning leaves, windy cool breezes, big wooly sweaters, hiking in the trails. Leaves changing to the most beautiful colours, cups of hot cocoa by the fire. Coffee shops making new creations of pumpkin Chai tea or pumpkin spice coffee, cinnamon, nugget and cloves. 
Do I have your nose awake with fall smells now? I hope so, because I want to introduce you to Rainwater Botanicals new line of Fall creations.

Pumpkin Chai moisturizing hand and body cream 

Rainwater Botanicals organic cream will awaken your senses and moisturize your skin with the amazing benefits of pumpkin. Pumpkin is wonderful for the skin in so many ways. Mother nature’s gift to reverse our dry skin from summertime. 

Pumpkin is rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene, vitamins A, D and E, K, alpha hydroxy acids, zinc along with many more good values that makes me want to bathe in pumpkin. 

Pumpkins are great for acne prone skin, blemishes and breakouts. Smoothing and removing dry damaged skincells, hydrating, regeneration of new cells, giving you the natural healthy skin glow that comes with the natural pink cheeks of fresh air in fall. 

Now you can have all these benefits with Rainwater Botanicals Pumpkin Chai cream and smell wonderful at the same time. 

For the Fall season, they have created four new organic perfume oils.

Pumpkin Chai 

Is great to double layer with the body cream or alone. The scent has rich tones of sweet Chai, cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin, and cloves. It’s scent reminds me of classic pumpkin pie with Chai tea on the side. 

Nutmeg Pear 

Nutmeg Pear is my favourite of the Fall line. Sweet fruity pears with a spicey back ground of nutmeg. I find myself using these few times a day behind my ears. I have had many compliments on how nice I smell. 


Autumn is a bold spice combination that will keep you awake and refreshed all day. Strong tones of cinnamon and vanilla with brown sugar maybe? A delightful scent that puts me in the mood to bake that pumpkin pie or pumpkin rolls my husband is now begging me for. 

Sandalwood Birch 

Sandalwood Birch is masculine and woodsy. As soon as I opened the package from Rainwater my husband snagged up this bottle right away knowing it had to be for him. Sandalwood is his favourite scent which I love too. Specially now with him smelling so warm cozy and snugglable? A beautiful scent for men and women that is sweet of Sandalwood with earthy notes of a tree forest. 

I am very pleased to tell you about these great new products from Rainwater Botanicals for Fall 2016. I have been reviewing their products for almost a year now and I have not come across a product yet I don’t like. They are top quality Organics made with excellent care and thought of what their customers would enjoy. 

You can find Rainwater Botanicals

Rainwater’s Etsy Shop

Also a note at checkout enter SPOONIE in the code for a special discount on behalf of Rainwater. I make no money from this discount if is a gift to you. 

All products have been given to me for free for review all opinions on this blog are my own and always will be. 

Cheers, Tara 


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