DIY Time to revive and renew that summer skin

Summer is coming to an end and it’s now time to revive and refresh that sun damage on your face. Not matter how much sunscreen you used over the summer you will have damage. Tho sunscreen should be used all year round even on rainy days. Our ozone is so fragile and weak now that you are prone to melanoma anytime anywhere. The damage from the sun’s rays causes premature aging and sun spots that sometimes will never go away.

Once a week I make up a mixture of dried ground orange peels and coconut oil. Take the orange peels let them dry a couple days on a waxed cookie sheet in the regular air. Then grind them up into a fine powder with a coffee grinder,blender or food processor. I like to mix them into pure organic virgin coconut oil that is cooled in the fridge. Mix them well, measurements don’t matter really just to your own desired consistency.


Once in a while, I will throw in some honey as well along with a teaspoon of Sandalwood powder if you have some. Sandalwood powder has bleaching properties as well and is very good for your skin.


Once the mixture is done I put it back in the fridge for a few hours for the coconut oil to harden up a bit. Otherwise, it will just run down your face and make a bit of a mess, you don’t want to get it on your good clothes or it will be really hard to remove. Once the mixture is nice and cool and hardened up I pin my hair up and wrap a towel around my neck and shoulders. Lather all over your face avoiding your eyes. It will feel refreshing and cool on your skin and smells lovely. Oranges have a bleaching effect on the skin and gently removes sun damage while the vitamin C soaks right into your skin and the coconut oil moisturizes. A wonderful at-home spa treatment that is very cheap to do. Even some nights I will go to bed with it on my face and let it sit overnight while I’m all wrapped up in towels. It feels like absolute heaven. Next morning I wipe all the mixture off with the towels I used overnight and my face shiny, glowing and fully moisturized!

On days where I am in a hurry I peel an orange and wipe the white inside skin all over my face for a refresher of vitamin C it tightens your pores and makes your face very clean and healthy.  Give it a try, if you have sun damage I suggest doing this over a period of a couple months once or twice a week.

Cheers, Love Tara


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