My blogging dream…..


My dream is to review and promote #makeup for men and women in my age range. We are finely aged like a beautiful wine, show makeup to #SPOONIES people in chronic pain. Makeup quick and easy to bring smiles to our faces when we need it the most. Living with autoimmune illness is a daily battle of your mental strength. A dash of lipstick and blush can go a long way on a hard day. I am addicted to makeup and would love to show off your products. I’m disabled and unable to work outside of my home.So the good thing about that is I have tons of free time. This journey will be fun and exciting and help me deal with my pain daily. Give me a try and you will be happy. I want to turn this into a full-time job with an income. Looking for sponsorship opportunities and product reviews. 26308c58d21d6e1f949b4617fe9a9ac0

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