Kroma Makeup review by Stofls


Kroma Makeup was the very first cosmetic review I did when I first started my beauty blogging life. It was a pleasure and honor to tell you about this world famous award winning makeup. Here we are again. I am pleased to bring you a review of their “Promise Me Enchanted Collection”.

Kroma means color in greek. The Kroma makeup collection is the best quality of botanical luxury products. With colors in every shade, you can imagine and customize options for all skin tones. With over 200 products to choose from, Kroma has been sponsors at many fashion and makeup shows. Loved by actresses and models all over the world. High-class luxury products.


This is a lipstick from their Promise Me Enchanted collection in the shade “Fairytale”. 

It is a beautiful pink with shimmer highlights. The lipstick is perfect for every occasion work and pleasure. The pigments are bright and last a long time, I went five hours without having to touch it up. The formula they use is very moisturizing and light on the lips, smells nice and it’s not sticky. I love wearing lipsticks that I know is botanical, and toxin-free, it just makes me feel that much healthier. I received several compliments from friends and the odd stranger over the weekend I tested it out. I felt beautiful which boosted my self-esteem, which I believe lipstick is meant to do. cropped-12371070_10153233228092548_1257381218755484338_o1.jpg

I was raised to never leave home without your lipstick on. Even without any other makeup on, the lipstick gives you color and a glow in your face, no matter the color you wear. So, the days you are in a hurry, apply Kroma’s lipstick before you walk out the door, and feel beautiful for the rest of your day.

Hold yourself with pride and know you are gorgeous inside and out.


Which will naturally make you smile. A smile is contagious and will brighten up someone’s day. A stranger in the coffee shop or subway. A stranger who might really need that smile, you have made their day a little bit brighter.

10% of all sales from the “Promise Me” collection will benefit the Preeclampsia Foundation !! “This unique partnership with Kroma Makeup represents the mom-centric opportunity for us to raise awareness of Preeclampsia”. Foundation Executive Director Eleni Tsiqas.

This is a sponsored product review all opinions are my own and I love this product

What an excellent opportunity to support a great cause. Thank you Kroma Makeup !.

You can find Kroma Makeup

Kroma Makeup

Kroma Makeup Twitter Page

Kroma Instagram Page

Their award winning makeup studio in central Florida

Phone: 407 622-1086

166 Lookout Place Suite  200
Maitland, FL 32751 


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