Pacifica Muse Update


Unfortunately I didn’t make it into the contest I want to thank Pacifica for the amazing opportunity and good luck to all the ladies!! You got this!!  I’m very proud to be a Pacifica Ambassador it’s going to be fun watching as the contest goes on.

I am so excited to announce I have posted an entry for the Pacifica Muse contest this year. It is a pretty intensive competition with I think four stages you have to make it through. The finalist is announced in October at a Beautycon in New York! 

My entry video had to be maximum of 60 seconds posted to instagram. After five attempts of opening my mouth saying hello I what seemed like slow motion I managed to produce this.
Check it out.On my Instagram page Taras Instagram page there was so much more I wanted to say 60 seconds goes by fast. Hopefully I will be able to in phase two!!

To get ready for the video I got myself a bit of a Pacifica makeup haul. I really am so excited about the whole thing. I have never entered a beauty contest in my life. Being in my early 40s I am proud of myself for even having the confidence to take the step. A year ago I sure wouldn’t have done it. I suffered from major low self esteem. Becoming a beauty blogger on November 7 2015 my birthday I wrote my first words on my older blog which is still active if you want to have a look.

Blogging has given me self confidence again and love for myself. And I have made so many amazing friends along the way. If I pass stage one of the Pacifica Muse entry. I will need all the support I can get from everyone. Pacifica will have a website page up where you can vote for me through each stage. So my sincere thank you in advance to everyone who will be cheering me on.

To become the next Pacifica Muse will change my life forever. Financial, emotional, physically, mentally and will be a huge check mark done on my life’s bucket list. Which is just starting to form. Being disabled with Rheumatoid Arthritis and fibromyalgia I truly believed my only destiny was the wheelchair. I was told in 2008 when I was diagnosed I had about six months before I would be in a wheelchair for life. Well it’s now 2016 and I have proved that to be very wrong. Technically I am disabled now, as far as employment is concerned. I won’t be able to work again due to the unpredictable nature of these two diseases. Some days I am great and function other days I can’t get out of bed. That’s what makes employment no longer a choice. No employers would be able to have me calling in sick every other day. That’s where the world of blogging is wonderful!  My hours my schedule I’m my own boss.

Now I just need to get some sponsorships going from cosmetics companies to actually make an income. Though personally that’s not what blogging is about for me. But needing the income has turned it into my fulltime job that I absolutely love. I just need that first company to trust me and give me my first paying job. I know it will come I’ve been told it takes time. And the only time that matters is the current. Let’s get into what I got myself from Pacifica.

The best place to find their makeup products is off their website.

Absolutely gorgeous natural organic minerals no toxins!! 💝

If you haven’t tried Pacificas makeup products I recommend them to everyone spoonies included.

Lots of love Tara Hill


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