Natures Chemist Organic Skincare by STOFLS

The past 45 days I have been testing Natures Chemist’s beautiful organic skincare products. They sent me four of their hand made products for my review. I have been taking my time with this one because the company is locally based and the products are made with the best quality products nature gives us. I really wanted to give the products a good chance to work on my face. As we know skincare products take time, to see results. And the results from this company have been amazing. My skin feels ten years younger and from the random, compliments I have been receiving I must be looking younger.

Natures Chemist is based out of Tucson Arizona. All of their products are made from 100% pure cold-pressed oils. They produce a wide range of products for, problematic skin. From dry skin to acne.  Each blend is specially formulated to provide a unique combination of nutrients that most effectively treats skin issues with vitamins, fatty acids, proteins, and other essential nutrients.

Since I also live in Arizona I turned to Natures Chemist knowing they would know exactly what my skin needs for this harsh dry sun damaging climate. It was a great choice I made for my skincare. I have been fighting Arizona’s sun damage for twelve years now. From my poor choices of going outside without SPF protection. SPF protection is an absolute must now as the climate on our planet changes the harm from the sun’s rays is getting worse.No matter where you live and what weather conditions even in the rain and cloudy skies.

Four products were sent for me to try. Full-size products too. Very generous as if gave me a good use of the products. Thank you Natures Chemist! Here are my results and findings.

Anti-Aging Serum, Organic, Natural Skincare with 100% Pure Natural Oils, non-toxic DSC_0065[1]


Because of my age early forties this was my life line product. I rate this product a 10. If tightened my skin, reduced the visibility of my pores. Evened out my skin tone and repaired my sun damage deep within the layers of my skin. Not just on the surface. I now have a natural glow to my skin.


Facial Cleanser, Organic Natural Skincare, made with Honey and 100% Pure Natural Oils



I use this product three times a week as a great cleansing hydrating face mask. Nothing better than slathering your face in honey! Smells good feels good and leaves my skin silky clean with a beautiful glow. Warning, do not go outside wearing it when you have bee’s around they will love you. I rate this also a 10. And the jar as lasted me a long time, a little goes a long way.

Toner, Organic, Natural Skincare, made with 100% Pure Natural Oils, non-toxic



Excellent toner closed up my pores after a good cleaning in the morning and evenings. Left my face nice and shiny but not tight feeling. You can feel it soaking in with a nice cool refreshed feeling. I rate this also a 10.


Face Moisturizer for Normal or Combination Skin, organic natural skincare with 100% Pure Natural Oils, Non-toxic


I use this moisturizer every morning and evening. Even sometimes in the middle of afternoon, if I’m feeling really dry. Especially here in Arizona on the days we have zero humidity in the air. My skin soaks this up instantly with no sticky residue left over. This is my favorite product of all. I rate this at a 10 I can’t go a day without it.

Natures Chemist makes top notch quality products I would recommend them to everyone.

You can find their products at their Etsy Store.

Natures Chemist Etsy Shop

Owners name is Lisa. If you have skin care concerns she is always quick to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for the wonderful products Lisa and the opportunity to work with your beautiful products.

My best Regards,

All the products in this review were given to me complimentary all opinions on this post are my own.

Tara Hill DSC_0013

Stofls Organic Beauty.





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