#Spoonie discount!! Rainwater Botanicals


Just received noticed this morning from Sara owner of Rainwater Botanicals effective immediately all my followers have a 12% discount !!!! Wooohooo thank you, SARA!!!

So many of us need to save money at this time of year and especially my followers with Chronic Illness we all know the cost of our medications and care aids are insane. So this is Rainwater Botanicals way of trying to help and support our cause. As I have said in many of my reviews and videos of her products. I, truly believe out of all of the companies I have tested since November. She’s are the absolute best! Completely pure, gluten free, soft, gentle. None of her products have triggered my Fibromyalgia to flare! She does carry some beautiful natural perfumed products as well for those who aren’t flared by perfumes. And a huge array of products with very little to no scent at all.

If you ever have a question about a product before you order. Just message Sara and she will help you. Tell her your health condition and she will advise on what product would work best for you.

I am working on a full video about Rainwater again today. I can’t get enough of her products and just love using them. The new makeup line she has created is AMAZING!

Check out my Youtube channel for all my Rainwater Botanical videos.



Here are all of the links to contact Rainwater Botanicals

https://www.etsy.com/shop/RainwaterBotanicals?ref=shop_sugg her Etsy store I buy here.


The discount code has no expire date wooohoo !! Thank you Sara!!

And she has a sale on at the moment as well for Fourth of July !!

CODE IS SPOONIES !! so at checkout enter this code for a 12% discount !!

Again thank you, Sara for all your support and awesome products and helping out the cause!!

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One thought on “#Spoonie discount!! Rainwater Botanicals

  1. Always love finding new clean, brands that actually care about their customers! Great intro & who doesn’t love a discount code 🙂


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