Makeup application when in Chronic Pain by STOFLS

First important step for me is, get a good seat and make a comfortable place to apply your makeup daily. Make it look nice with your favorite things. It will help increase your mental mood. Nothing like feeling pampered and special in your own home when you oh so need it. A stable table with a lighted mirror is ideal but a good desk lamp will work. A nice soft towel to lay on the table so you can brace your elbows in the desk for stability support for applying your makeup where you want it, not down your cheek or smudged across your nose :).

Second great item to have is a blow dryer stand or some sort. You can make up out of something around the house. That will fold the drier steady in front of you. This saves me SO much pain ! Something like this APS223HairDryerHolder-1W



Many of us have this daily battle of trying to just function let alone put makeup on.After 10 years of trial and error, many many errors lots of makeup remover used. I have finally figured out a routine that helps me manage the task of putting my face on. I have gone with minimal is best. Some days all I can manage is lipstick. #1 tip get good quality lipsticks that last a long time, good staying power

#2 CC creams or BB creams – just cut out the 50 steps of foundation, concealer, primer, caking it on etc… A good coverage CC cream will do all the steps in one application for you. My best recommendation is Rainwater Botanicals CC Cream. It’s all natural, gluten free and blends very gently and easily across the face. A damp beauty blender is a must! It helps with the application and is gently on your fingers. Here is a link to their CC cream. I have tried at least 20 different products in this category and Rainwater Botanicals is the best. Doesn’t irritate or dry out my skin, doesn’t make my eyes water has very little smell. And leaves you with a beautiful fresh dewy glow that looks natural. And best of all their prices are great!! Us spoonies the last thing we need to worry about is money.


I use the color “honey” I am fair skinned with freckles. Love in a jar !

If you can’t get a beauty blender even a damp cotton ball can help you if your fingertips are sore.

Next, find a good eyeshadow that is gentle, good strong pigmentation and that is very easy to blend. I have a couple recommendations.

IT Cosmetics – their Romantic palettes are excellent great quality, talc and mica free gluten free, tear free! that was the bonus for me no more tears or sensitivity. This is after six months of trial and error testings. Also, any Kat Von D eyeshadows are also excellent. That quality is amazing and the pigments are so strong, you only need a dab on your brush and I mean a dab. They blend beautifully which equals less pain in your hands and arms, getting the job done faster.

Here are my links for Kat Von D and Beautylish for the IT Cosmetics.
Kendo - Kat Von D Beauty Click here to shop direct from Kat Von D. This is the Monarch Palette. I have it and absolutely love it. It’s very easy to work with. This is my affiliate link so whatever purchases you make I earn a small commission from. Shop her site, she has top quality products. She truly is my favorite and her products are vegan and cruelty-free!



Next is IT Cosmetics Beautylish Shop here ! 12751400_1682056298727246_862450480_n(1)

Next, is brushes, on my eyeshadow brushes I use little rubber grippers you find in the school supplies section at whatever store you shop. I find they help me hold and keep my grip steady and less painful. If you can’t afford expensive brushes, little brushes from the dollar store or craft store work well also.

And the final is LIPSTICK as my Nana always said, “Tara do NOT leave the house without your lipstick”. Somedays that’s all I can manage to put on. But even with a bit of color on my face, I feel more self-confident, I stand taller, I feel beautiful and it eases my pain mentally. Love you all keep smiling and fighting the fight!

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