Helping find #Spoonie Approved Beauty by Stofls

Hello, my Spoonie friends here is the write-up to go along with the video I made yesterday. I apologise the video is so long but I have a lot of content to cover. Still have a part 2 to record. This had been six months of testing products, reviewing products etc… just for this purpose. I truly hope some of these products help you from the bottom of my heart. I understand the pain and hell so much. Here is the video, grab a tea or coffee and please enjoy.


All products in this video I use and have tested on myself as a guine tester basically. These are the products I have come up with so far that didn’t make me flare RA or Fibro wise.

But that doesnt mean they will be the same for you. Everything is trial and error being a Spoon so keep that in mind. During this past six month of testing I had to return over $500 of makeup that didn’t agree with me. But was able to find makeup that did work for me. Im still in need of alot more, blushes, eye palettes and gel eye liners. I havent tried Nars, Too Faced, Brija oh and sooo many more. I am really kicking myself because at Christmas time and a couple months after is when I bought all my makeup. Being a total NOOB I bought the typical Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden etc… never had heard of all these other brands. Up until November 2015 I had only ever used cheap drugstore makeup. I never wore makeup or cared what I looked like really. Just was fully consumed with my illness and misery. Read my about on the blog or watch my videos about it for the full story.

The past six months have been life changing and so amazing for me. I have had so many companies back me and tested their products. It is wonderful. I have found companies I will use for the rest of my life and made many awesome friends. Thank you for the support everyone! I cant wait to keep testing and reviewing and bringing you products to try. I have a section on my blog with regular cosmetics for non-spoonie followers as well. Here is the beginning of the list, I mention in this video. Please see below and enjoy good luck I hope the products work well for you as they did for me.

#1 – Raintree Nutrition “Myco” Link:

#2 – Raintree Nutrition “Amazon A-F Link:

#3 – Raintree Nutrition “Amazon Immune Support”

#4 The mittens and socks are Link: socks

Mittens – Link:

#6 Rainwater Botanicals Everything –

Owner name is Sarah you can message her about anything and she will help you with your medical needs. She is amazing!!

#7 Stemology –

Eyeshadows – Kat Von D and It Cosmetics

Shampoo – Pura d’or Code = Tara25 save 25% 🙂

I love all my spoonie friends i helps you somehow. xoxo Tara






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