Beauty Products I recommend for Spoonies

The past six months I have been working on testing products for my main purpose of passing on product recommendations for Spoonies people with autoimmune illnesses. I have full blown Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. I have found many companies that are alright for me and my illness. While I’m reviewing Spoonies are always on my mind and I try to stick with natural companies and gluten free products, low scent, easy to apply, easy to remove etc… On my reviews, I have already done. I will be going over them all this week and I will start my list and on the original posts I will go back to them and at a *Spoonie approved* remark on the product.



But remember these products were alright for me. But might not be for you. But I try my best to find the best options to pass on. I understand all the spoonie issues. I usually only shop online, walking around the mall is not an option at times. I live in chronic pain daily.

Stay posted I will have it all updated this week 🙂 Love you all. Gentle virtual hugs to all my spoonie friends. img61304291


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