It Cosmetics @ Beautylish by Stofls


Beautylish has all the goods of IT Cosmetics. IT Cosmetics is one of my favorite makeup brands. Their eyeshadows solved my watery eye problem! Absolutely wonderful quality. I have a lot of their products. And hope to get more soon. The Bye Bye Under eye really works well. And I have horrible under eye problems and it covers mine up. That’s saying a lot 🙂

I have a link here for IT Cosmetics at Beautylish. For those who don’t know Beautylish they are basically a high end Sephora. Most makeup artists purchase from them. And their prices are excellent. If this is where the artists buy then that’s where I want to buy from.

Through my link you can browse the site doesn’t have to be IT Cosmetics specific. This is my affiliate link whatever you purchase I make a small commision on. Which im hoping will eventually let me buy a blogging camera 🙂 Have fun shopping and have a great weekend. Love Tara

Click here to shop !!


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