100%Pure Pomegranate and Maracuja Mascara by Stofls

I received the most beautiful set of products from 100% Pure for review the other day. Complimentary for review purposes all opinions are my own.

100% Pure is an organic, vegan, gluten-free all natural cosmetics company based in California. Their products range from lotions, skincare, haircare and fruit based makeup.

I purchased my first 100% Pure product back in November 2015. It was their Coffee Bean Eye Cream in hope it would help my under eye dark circle and puffy bags. I have been using it religiously every morning since. And I still have some left! You just need a little dab and it the most lovely aroma of coffee. Such a nice thing to wake up to as part of your morning routine. This is also their #1 selling product!


The second product I have to review is their Pomegranate Lipstick. I am very picky when it comes to lipsticks. They can’t be dry or smell funny or disappear as soon as you put it on. I was very pleased with their lipstick! They sent me Calypso which is a beautiful red with hints of pink in it. I loved it as soon as I put it on, it felt very moisturizing on my lips not dry or sticky and smelled lovely of Pomegranate. And tasted of Pomegranate too ! It stayed on my lips for a good four hours or so. Im very impressed and plan on getting the whole collection !


Next is their Maracuja Oil Mascara made from black tea. Black tea ! Oh awesome is that?

Loved the mascara also, it went on well and gave my lashes lots of volume, length and didn’t leave them with clumpy patches. I found it takes a little while to dry but the pay off in the end is worth it. Top marks, this is my first natural mascara I have ever used. This is already in my purse ready to go with me. Even the packaging the decals and design on the container are so pretty.

Skin care they sent me a sample of their Super Fruits Reparative Cream age corrective. Love those words, age corrective yes please! I used this on all the fine line areas on my face. And will continue to do so till its gone. Then I will report back the results. It was lovely going on, instant absorption and it smells of cherries. Cherries being my favorite fruit this was instant love for me.

Hair care I was given a sample of their Kelp & Mint Volumizing Shampoo. It was a lovely shampoo session, smelled of mint and really cleaned my hair well. My scalp felt good and healthy. Its volumizing worked great, I styled my hair in my natural curls and they were bouncing all over the place. I will definitely be purchasing this shampoo.

Thank you 100% for all the lovely products to try out. Top marks for all! Here is my video review I did as well. Give it a watch


You can reach 100% at :


Twitter: https://twitter.com/100percentpure/nofollow 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/100percentpure/nofollow 

US Headquarters

2221 Oakland Road
San Jose, California 95131


Disclaimer: Some of the products in their review were given to me for review. My opinions stated are alway my own. And I love this company!



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