Alice is back !Urban Decay by Stofls Beauty

Alice Through The Looking Glass

I was a lucky one and received my treasure piece on April 28, 2016. The moment I opened the box from Ulta Beauty. I was instantly teleported back to my childhood. The days of dreaming I had Alice’s beautiful hair and I would play with my bunny in the back yard.

This collection brought out by Urban Decay is absolutely gorgeous and magical. The graphics on the packaging are perfect with pop up butterflies and colors to dazzle your eyes. I am also reminded of the famous song by Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit !


Absolute Classic ! I guess I might be aging myself now. This Palette does it for me. It’s so special that I won’t be swatching it like everyone expects. I’m sorry but this piece is now in my china cabinet as a beautiful collectors item.

As expected with most Urban Decay Palettes the quality of the shadows are superb. The Palette has a good weight and quality feel but not to big that you can’t put it in your purse.

I will be ordering a second one very quickly that I will be actually using and loving.

Thank you Urban Decay, Disney Studios and Ulta Beauty for bringing us this amazing time piece.

Dancing around with the rabbits always love Tara Hill of Stofls

Disclaimer – I own no claim to any rights on this Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit youtube video.

Another Disclaimer – I bought this product proudly at @Ultabeauty

Awesome delivery time too, I amazingly got it overnight! Love my courier drivers!




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