Stemology Skincare saved my face.

November 7 2015.

I looked in the mirror. This picture I took sitting in my friends car. It was a hot Arizona day and I panicked. My face looks dirty, burnt, dehydrated and covered in sun damage. Ugly.

I am a woman from Vancouver, British Columbia Canada where we never had to worry about the sun really. I only had a few freckles on my nose and forehead and I was very fair. People used to call me the “china doll”. At this point I had been living in Arizona since 2004. I ignored all the warnings to wear a hat and sunscreen. I didn’t believe them. I guess, or just thought ah i’m fine. damage2

This is me in Canada in 2013 the picture isn’t crystal clear but you can see the difference in my face.


November 7 2015 my birthday was the day I took charge of my face and started this blogging life! I couldn’t afford any expensive treatments or skin products. I wrote to a few companies showing them the top picture and asked for help. I truly was scared that I was about to get melanoma soon. Two companies responded back one of them being Stemology Skincare. I will forever be greatful to this company for helping me fight this battle with the sun. We are now in May 2016 and I am still using their products everyday.


Here are the products of Stemology that I have been using. First I started off with their:

Cell Revive Smoothing Serum:

This serum went to work on my lines, skin tone, my skin elasticity and my severe dehydration.

Along with that I used their Cell Renew Moisture Compound with Stemcore3:

I applied this every morning and evening after I cleaned my face and applied smoothing serum.

I did this routine for about a month. Then I received their Cell Revive Brightening Serum:

Cell Revive Brightening Serum

Followed same routine day and night but now with the Brightening Serum not the smoothing Serum.

And started using the Cell Renew EnviroExpose repair and Restore Creme in the mornings and evenings. After 30 days of the Brightening regimen this is me. !!12291199_10153221734667548_8941021190405184165_o

Absolutely amazing results! But, Im not done this is going to be a lifelong battle as long as I continue to live in Arizona or anywhere really. I can not stress enough how important it is to wear sunscreen every single day even if it’s raining. A hat as much as you can, a good stylish one that will go with any outfit. And, sunglasses your eyes get just as much damage without your realising it. And water, stay hydrated ! Water is your life fuel, your body needs it to run!

Now in May 2016, I on more of a repair phase instead of a removal of hyperpigmentation stage. I am now using Stemology’s Cell Revive Collagen Complete along with Collagen supplements these aren’t by Stemology just a brand I got at the natural health store.

Cell Revive Collagen Complete

The Collagen Complete serum is helping my skin to start building its collagen again. Renewing my cells in the skin layers basically kicking it into action to repair the damage. As we age collagen becomes very important to keep our skin healthy and strong. Its working, my fine lines are shrinking and my face feels soft and healthy. I have a natural glow to me now. Finally!

The last product I am currently using along with the Collagen Serum is Stemology’s Cell Revive Eye Serum Complete:

Cell Revive Eye Serum Complete

This serum is trying to help with my extreme under eye dark circles and PUFFY under eyes. Puffy under eyes run in my family. And I have a very bad habit of sleeping on my stomach which is very bad for your face. This will be a longgggg battle. I hate my puffy eyes! I’m on week three of the serum and i’m noticing a difference in the fine lines. And good days the puffy is decreased. The product is helping me fight it. So Stemology don’t stop producing the product.

This is me now May 13, 2016. DSC_0062[1]

Dear Stemology, I can not thank you enough for changing my life ! From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!

This is not just a simple review of your products. This is a success story for your company’s hard work to bring people like me products that are miracles, and you need to celebrate with me!! All my love, your life long Stemology’s Beautiful BC/AZ Girl !

Oh and btw ….. I need Sunscreen !! Forever.

Written by Tara Hill from Arizona 2016.

I recommend Stemology Skincare of every person on the planet.

Disclaimer: LOL!! As if I need one. I love this company. They have made me feel beautiful again.

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