Rainwater Botanicals May 2016

Rainwater has amazed me again with another collection of top quality organic beauty products. This month featuring a special Mother’s Day perfume oil and some of their men’s shaving collection.

Here is my vlog about the products and I will go over each products details down below past the video. Enjoy !

I apologize if the video seems unclear I didn’t realize it until it was posted. Time for a new camera. I have been using the camera on my Sony Xperia Ultra Z which I love but it is getting tired.

Thank you to Rainwater for creating a wonderful Men’s shaving collection. My husband shaved!! woohoo!!


Shaving Soap Sandalwood Birth

This is the bar of shaving soap and the aftershave gel. As I said in the video I have used the soap on my legs. It feels very slippery, soft, smooth with a little lather. The razor slides along perfectly smooth. Left my legs silky soft and hydrated.

My husband uses it daily on his face now and really enjoys it. He says,it feels smooth gel texture on his face and makes his shave very easy. Leaving a beauty clean shave.

Ingredients: Saponified vegetable oils of coconut, palm and safflower, glycerin, purified water, sorbitol, kaolin clay, sorbitan oleate, organic slippery elm, soybean protein, essential oils, titanium dioxide.

Aftershave Gel Sandalwood Birch with organic borage & rice bran oil.

This was another great hit with my husband. He says his face was instantly refreshed, no burn, no itching, and he really enjoyed the scent as did I. Very nice natural minty, sandalwood smell.

Ingredients: Hamamelis virginiana(alcohol free witch hazel), Distilled Certified Organic Salvia sclarea (Organic Sage Hydrosol), Borago officinalis (Organic Borage), Vegetable Glycerin, Oryza sativa (Rice) Bran Oil, Essential oils, Populus tremuloides Bark Extract(Aspen Bark Extract), Xanthan Gum.


These perfume oils were a real treat. I am a perfume lover. Both of these scents are so beautiful, and natural.

Carnation Perfume Oil – Is my favorite of Rainwater’s perfume oils I have tried so far. The smell is so exact to the flower. I had to go out and buy Carnations to compare and Rainwaters quality was bang on perfect. Perfume oil, is so lovely because it lasts a long time on the body compared to regular perfumes. This is going to be my signature scent.I hope Rainwater makes this as part of their regular line of perfume oils. Must keep myself stocked up!

Coconut Lime Perfume Oil – Am I in Hawaii? or on a secluded beach somewhere with fresh coconut drinks. This scent is a coconut in a bottle with a hint of lime. There has to be a drink out there that smells like this, alcohol free too. I highly recommend this to all Coconut lovers !

Ingredients of both: Organic Jojoba, Organic fragrance compounds. Their perfumes are Vegan, Gluten Free, and contains no Allergens.


This natural deodorant is good for unisex. It have a very nice Lemon scent. My husband wears this one and it keeps him fresh and dry all day and we live in hot Arizona! Made with Clay which helps you stay dry. No propylene glycol, or aluminum, or any other irritating chemicals, just pure natural ingredients that work together to keep you smelling sweet even after a workout! Husband and myself will never go back to regular deodorants again.

Ingredients: Soy wax(non-gmo), Organic virgin coconut oil, Organic arrowroot powder, Baking soda, Organic neem oil, Tamanu oil, Rosemary extract, Essential oils.


This is the deodorant I use. I use it twice a day mornings and evenings. Keeps me dry and gorgeous smelling all day. I find strong hints of Vanilla in it with soft Jasmine. Very feminine scent. These deodorants soak into your skin rather then just sit on the skin. I haven’t had a problem yet with them leaving any marks on my clothing. But everyone is different. I find my underarms are actually hydrated, never ever have payed attention to my underarms but I’m sure glad I do now. Bye bye Aluminum ! I wear the sensitive skin version which is baking soda free. And uses Clay to keep you dry. Kaolin clay and organic arrowroot powder fight wetness and bacteria, while (non GMO) soy wax and oils of tamanu & neem soothe your worst razor burns and rashes.

Ingredients: Soy wax(non-gmo), Organic virgin coconut oil, Organic arrowroot powder, Kaolin Clay, Zinc Ricinoleate, Organic neem oil, Tamanu oil, Rosemary extract, Essential oils (proprietary blend).

Another month of amazing products from Rainwater Botanicals !! Thank you for such quality made natural products we can trust to be as pure as possible.

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2 thoughts on “Rainwater Botanicals May 2016

  1. What beautiful blends- I love perfume oils! I can’t use baking soda in my deo’s either (too harsh) so I love the idea behind these soda-free sticks 🙂 Thanks for sharing these green finds!


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