Rainwater Botanicals May 2016


???? Vol.91


Yesterday I received a lovely box of goodies from Rainwater Botanicals to review for May. With Mother’s day in this month Rainwater has created a beautiful line of products in a new scent of Carnations.

Carnations are traditionally known as the flower of Mother’s Day in Red, Pinks and White. In 1868 a lady by the name of Ann Jarvis created a committee called “Mother’s Friendship Day” to recognized mothers who had lost sons in the civil war and for their tremendous effort of help during Typhoid epidemic. She wanted to turn it into an annual event but she passed away in 1905 before the celebration could become popular. After her passing her daughter named Anna Jarvis continued on the tradition.

The first official service was May 10, 1908. In a small church in Grafton, West Virginia. With a larger celebration in Wanamaker Auditorium in Philadelphia the same day. Following year, the idea began to spread to a big celebration in New York. Then May 10, 1913 all house of representatives in senate wore a white carnation in celebration of “Mother’s Day”.

When I saw that Rainwater Botanicals had created this Carnation Perfume for Mother’s day I was thrilled. Sara, the owner of Rainwater has put in lot of hard work to craft this truly beautiful scent. The quality is 100 percent, I would say I am smelling a bouquet of Carnations. This natural perfume oil is perfect for Mothers everywhere.


She has also created a hand and body lotion to match. Excellent for layering the two products for a good long lasting day of scent. A gentle whiff as you walk past someone will have their heads turning wondering where that beautiful smell is coming from. All mothers deserve the best and this in my personal opinion is the best.



Thank you Rainwater Botanicals for your top quality pure Organic products.

You can get your’s at http://www.rainwaterbotanicals.com or on their Etsy site at


Happy Mother’s Day to every Momma in the world, future, present and past




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