Rainwater Botanicals


March 25/2016 Rainwater Update ! More new products to show!!


Here is my new video review!

So exciting! Rainwater continues to amaze me with each product I try.

March 10/2016 Rainwater Botanicals!! Here is my new video review.

They have a brand new product just produced and released all hand-made crafted. 

Color Correcting  Cream & Sunscreen made with Green Tea and Milk Thistle 


Rainwater botanical is based out of Washington State. The land of amazing forests and oceans. I reached out to Rainwater and they were interested in my doing a review blog of some of their skin care products. I received the package the very next day!! That’s an amazing start. Great shipping service.

I opened up the package and I felt like I was back home in the Forests of British Columbia. Cedar being my favorite smell, just popped out at me. All products are completely raw natural fresh hand-made. Check my video blog I did for them. I will be shopping here alot! You can find them on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/RainwaterBotanicals or their website http://www.rainwaterbotanicals.com/ I love you Rainwater and thank you Sara. I look forward to using many more of your products. Muah xoxo


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