PACIFICA Ambassador @ILovePacifica #Pacifica

Drove forty miles for my Pacifica love !

Yesterday my girlfriend and I had to head to the big city of Tucson, AZ to get some errands done. Beautiful sunny day in the low 80s already. We got our errands done, had lunch and I couldn’t resist myself, we headed to the nearest Target to see what they had for Pacifica products. I have been wanting to try the new Power of Love lipstick line. I was lucky the closest Target had some. To my joy I was able to grab these products. I am a Pacifica Ambassador but I am also a very addicted customer! I love all of their products and that right from the heart.


Power of Love Lipstick in Compassion Passion pictured on the left. 

Power of Love Lipstick in Nudie Red pictured on the right.

Behind the “Buy one Give one” Campaign  Each Power of LOVE lipstick purchased = one free lipstick given to a woman in need. ! See how one lipstick can change the world

So of course I had to buy both colors. They are beautiful, buttery smooth with a mild shine, not matte and not glossy a nice in between. Great for everyday use. Both good colors for work and play.

Made 100% Vegan Cruelty Free. Formulated without FD&C color, parabens,carmine and petroleum. Made in the USA. This goes along well with my belief every woman needs a lipstick. My nana always said “Tara, don’t leave the house without your lipstick on”.

Wonderful cause Pacifica I’m honored to have been able to help another two ladies out somewhere in the world. Made my day!

Second purchase, was Pacifcia COCO Pure Makeup Removing Wipes. I had to try these out I am so tired of my makeup removal routine. I used them last night and ahh it was so much easier, cheaper and a big time saver. One towelette took all my eye makeup off and my skin products. It also cleansed and refreshed my face at the same time. And of course I was daydreaming I was in Hawaii while I cleaned my face. The pack comes with thirty pre-moistened natural towelettes. 14×20 cm in size.

They are made with coconut water, coconut milk, aloe vera, jojoba seed oil, water and calendula and matricaria flower extracts.

Made without ! Sulfates, sls, parabens, phthalates and petrolatum. 100% Vegan Cruelty Free.

Thank you Pacifica for making us such wonderful products. #pacificaxoxo @ilovepacifica

Products found at Target, Ulta and Review and opinion belongs to Tara Hill (STOFLS) @morticia32. Enjoy ! Muah.


Pacifica has featured one of their most popular scents this month MMMM MMMM 


April’s Fragrance Of The Month Collection is our AWARD Winning French Lilac Perfume, Better Nutrition’s Best Of Beauty Award Winner!! It’s time to get out there and celebrate spring with the ultimate fragrance of the season. !! I can’t wait to get my hands, body and nose into this French Lilac bliss. All the blossoms in the yard will be wishing the smelled as pretty as me. Head to Pacifica’s site they have great specials this month and of course contests. You may be able to win this set! Or run to your nearest Ulta store and smell up close and personal.

Here is their Facebook link for a change Like, Share and love it all.

7FREE Nail Polish Line !! 

Its Pacifica day in my house March 23/2016 Brand new @ilovepacifica #7free Nail Polish Line Sold, at @Ulta 14 colors to choose from! Spring is here !! Please sub to my channel and thumbs up 🙂 &

This nail polish is amazing, goes on very easily and dries very quick and your nails come out looking like you have had a professional do it!! Gorgeous colors to choose from!! Sold at your local Ulta stores. I will be eventually getting the whole collection. These are top of the line and chemical free! 7Free means the polish is made without the most usual nasty chemicals found in nail polishes. !! Go Pacifica!


My first Pacifica Box arrived !! I have never been so excited to open a box in my life. Such an honor to be a Pacifica Girl. Thank you Pacifica @ilovepacifica #Pacifica #ilovepacifica

Here is my unboxing video !! Enjoy!  Strengthen, Hydrate, Restore & Love your hair with Pacifica’s new hair products!

Jet Set Trio Kale Collection!!

Washing my hair with Kale was a new experience. The shampoo was light and smooth and a little quarter size did my whole head. It has a lovely smell of mint so it would be wonderful men to use as well. The conditioner was creamy went on silky and very moisturizing i could run my fingers through my hair in the shower with no tangles. And it also is a minty smell.

Then when I was done I used the Hairvana Leave-On Detangling conditioner. This is so beautiful. Doesn’t leave your hair greasy or heavy and my brush just slid through my curly hair easily and tangle free. The scent is Coconut I felt like I had just stepped out of the spa in Hawaii. After my hair was dry and styled, it was smooth and shiny and felt so healthy.

Thank you Pacifica for making this amazing hair care line! I can’t wait to try all the others out. They have brought out nine new products each one has a specific function ie:

“Best Day Ever 10 in 1 style extending balm” must must get this right away.

All of these products are sold exclusively at Ulta #Ulta @ultabeauty go get yours now before they are sold out ! 12424726_1664926817110626_724859874_n



I am very proud to announce I am now a Ambassador for Pacifica Beauty !!

Pacifica Beauty

I am extremely excited and honored to be considered to be one of their Ambassadors!! Thank you Pacifica.

Happy Spring 2016 !!


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  1. You might want to try their website. I just was having a really lucky day they said yes! Absolutely thrilled. A lot of cosmetics website have blogger info at the bottom of their pages. Good luck to you 🙂 Thank you for the comment.


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