Shop Here Products For Spoonie’s


Those of you that have been following me know what my main goal of STOFLS is. Well the goals/dreams are starting to come true. I have been reviewing products for months now. Looking for products that will be alright for people with Autoimmune Illness of any sort. Living the “spoonie” life can be challenging most of the time. Trying to find skincare, haircare, makeup that won’t trigger your illness is even more of a hassle. I have the first company I can announce to you now. I’m so excited.

This first company to reach out and understand is Pura D’OR Premium Organic Solutions !! They immediately have offered all of my followers a 25% discount on all your purchases. When you checkout to pay enter code “TARA25” !! I am absolutely thrilled to be able to bring this offer to you. Thank you Pur D’or ! For those wondering, I am not getting paid a penny for this offer to you. This is strickly because I care and they care too !! I will be posting pictures on Monday. Check out their website and look at all their amazing Organic, gluten free products. Perfect for people with hair loss or thinning hair. Cancer, Fibro, RA, the list is endless. This is their current offer posted today on their Facebook page. 









All the details is on their websites. I am SO excited !!! My dreams are coming true. I’m so happy to help you !! Love Tara.


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