STOFLS Makeup Haul 2016

I have been busy for the last five days doing the largest makeup haul of my life online. My wonderful husband treated me to a big spender. After 15 years of never buying makeup or clothes or anything for myself. He is enjoying seeing me loving myself and taking care of me for once. I’m not one of those high maint women I get a haircut maybe once every two or three years. This was so much fun. I have bought enough makeup to literally last me the next five years or more. I never thought I would have a hard time shopping but it was difficult with 1000s of companies to choose from. Being unable to see the product upfront in the stores. Guessing on whats good whats not. I want to thank all the other beauty bloggers out there for their reviews, they truly did help me pick my items out.

Fedex and UPS drivers are going to be seeing a lot of me next week, I have 12 deliveries coming lmao. Hopefully it will all arrive around the same time. I am planning on making a video of my unboxing. Then review videos as I start using the products. I went high end on everything for the first time and probably the only time I have been able to do this. So I went for the stuff I would dream of owning.

Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, Lancome, Dior, Mac, Josie Maran, Clinique, Shiseido, Anna Sui, Juicy Couture, Katie Price, Smashbox and hair goodies from Forever 21. !!!!  Here is a picture of one set I grabbed. This is Elizabeth Arden from Macy’s. I found Macys a great great place to buy because of the gift with purchase sets. The value of this set is $400+ and I got it for $60. After I bought a $34 dollar Arden product. !!


See you all on video soon!! Love Tara

Psssttt there will be a giveaway coming up! Like and follow this blog and my youtube videos. If I can get 1000 followers or more it will be soooo worth it for you all !! So spread the word please. Once I hit the 1000 followers I will launch the #giveaway #makeup #bbloggers #makeupaddicts #luxmakeup I never thought I would be able to do a giveaway ever either hehe :))) Also as a Pacifica Ambassador once my products from them start arriving, we are going to have some fun. Spread the word please. Muah xoxo


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