Temair’s Affiliate Shopping Mall :)

Here is a banner list of the companies I am affiliated with for quick shopping. With affiliates I make a small % commission of the sales. So thank you ahead of time, helping me support my blog and this is my full-time career. Time to get some Christmas shopping done! I am very proud of the … Continue reading Temair’s Affiliate Shopping Mall :)

Playing with my Sephora Play box

Octobers Sephora Play  "The Cool Cut" box is really nice. Past few months I have not been pleased with the Play and was tempted to cancel the service. The only thing holding me back from canceling was the long waiting period to receive it in the first place. Honestly, I would be happy to pay … Continue reading Playing with my Sephora Play box

Anjou Luxury Essential Oils

I received Anjou Essential Oil Gift set this week complimentary for review. All opinions in this review are my own and always will be my own. Anjou Essential Oils Gift Kit is an excellent starter set of six oil in all the primary scents. Great for people starting out in the lifestyle of essential oils. Essential … Continue reading Anjou Luxury Essential Oils

Timeless Rose Organic Moisturizer from OdYlique more miracles of Roses!

Temair's Beautiful World

Odelique1Odylique is an all natural organic skincare company based in Suffolk, England. All of their products are made with the kindest of care, only best quality ingredients nature provides.The company strives to help people with skin care concerns, with the love of a mother’s touch in each bottle.

Odylique was created 30 years ago by Margaret, a mother trying to find a solution for her family’s eczema problems. Regular, conventional products were not helping. Professionally qualified in Herbal medicine and Aromatherapy, Margaret began mixing and creating these beautiful products. Margaret named her company Essential Care and recently renamed to ODYLIQUE meaning “Power of Nature“. The company was relaunched in 2003 with her Daughter Abi and husband Colin. I love family run business.

Such a beautiful backstory of Odylique. When I received my package from England this week I was so excited. I ripped it open like it was…

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Proud to be a Sulwhasoo US Affiliate!!

Very excited to announce I have been accepted as a Sulwhasoo US Affiliate. The past few months I have fallen in love with Korean Beauty. The K-beauty market is booming and is so exciting to explore. Many of the products are very different than what we find here in North America. The secrets to generations … Continue reading Proud to be a Sulwhasoo US Affiliate!!

Miracles of Rosehip Oil for anti-aging, tired, sun damaged skin.

A few weeks ago I bought a bottle of Rosehip Oil from Eden's Semilla, just on a whim as I had recently heard from a friend that it was good for your skin. I was doing a review of their Jojoba oil and loved the results so I thought let's give this Rosehip a try. … Continue reading Miracles of Rosehip Oil for anti-aging, tired, sun damaged skin.

Explore Korean Beauty with Cupidrop!

I am happy to have been selected as a "1st generation Beautiful Pioneer" for the new Cupidrop Beauty website exploring the K-beauty world. Korean cosmetics has taken off like wildfire the past year, bringing us the most innovative and creative products to North America. I love being able to sample and try cosmetics from different cultures around … Continue reading Explore Korean Beauty with Cupidrop!