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Ahava ‘s New Prickly Pear & Moringa the beauty of plants.

Earlier this week, a wonderful package of Ahava Skincare products arrived at my door. When I opened the box I couldn’t believe it was Ahava’s new Prickly Pear and Moringa skincare line! I had been looking at these products on their website for about a week wishing I was able to try them. Well, Ahava saw my posts and sent me the products complimentary for my review.

I live in southern Arizona and have Prickly Pear Cactus growing in my yard and everywhere in the wild around me home. Every summer we pick the pears and use them to make jams and pies. They taste delicious and are full of health benefits. Prickly pear cactus, also called nopal, is promoted for treating diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, and hangovers. It is also touted for its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Some preliminary evidence shows that prickly pear cactus can decrease blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.Prickly pear contains magnesium, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins C and B, beta-carotene, iron, calcium, potassium, and many other nutrients.

The beauty benefits of Prickly Pear Cactus comes from cold pressed seeds into oils . The oils have not widely been known until recently. Beauty experts are now saying goodbye to Argan oil and hello to Prickly Pear oil. The oil contains vitamins E and K, Prickly pear seed oil is an excellent choice for mature, aging or damaged skin.


This photo is from the plant in my yard, the fruit is almost ready for picking in about two more weeks when it turns a bit darker purple. You pick them with tongs and then burn the thorns off. I absolutely love this plant so needless to say I am thrilled with Ahava’s use of the plant in their new products.

Deadsea Water Mineral Body Lotion with Prickly Pear and Moringa. The bottle is 8.5 fl oz with a nice pump applicator.


Every day after I get out of the shower with my skin still a bit damp I slather my body in this lotion. The texture is very silky, light weight with a soft scent of Moringa and Prickly Pear. My skin has become nicely hydrated and so soft. This is now a regular part of my daily skin care routine.

Deadsea Plants Dry Oil Body Mist with Prickly Pear and Moringa

This gorgeous smelling body mist really boosts my mood. Moringa is one of my favorite scents I find refreshing, clean, light floral soft and subtle for every occasion. The mist is a dry oil that hydrates and softens your skin with no oily feel. Best I can describe the spray feels like you are putting silk on your skin, so soft. I gently rub it all over my body and all over my hair for a long lasting scent. Excellent for layering the scent with the body lotion. Light green glass bottle with a nice spray applicator comes in 3.4 fl oz. DSC_0295

  • Jojoba Seed Oil, one of nature’s greatest replenishing agents, smoothes, softens and hydrates skin
  • Dunaliella Algae slows down cell degradation by protecting skin from free radical damage
  • Sesame Seed and Vitamin E Oils, rich in healing and anti-aging properties, help strengthen the skin’s natural protective barriers and give the body a healthy glow.

This is my favorite product of the line. I am using it constantly !



Deadsea Water Mineral Hand Creme Prickly Pear and Moringa

Over the years I have used hundreds of hand creams and none of them compare to this product. This cream leaves my hands absolutely silky smooth and very hydrated. I have a problem with eczema patches on my fingers. And sore Rheumatoid nodules on my joints that become red and swollen. I’m sure the Prickly Pear in this cream is helping these issues. My dry spots are gone and the swelling of my nodules has reduced. I do catch myself applying the cream three to four times a day because I love the smell and feel so much. I know Prickly Pear is, known to have anti-inflammatory properties to it but I am not a doctor so I cant say for sure. But I am happy with the results!! I carry this in my purse along with the body mist. DSC_0306

  • Allantoin heals dry cracked skin and blemishes
  •  Witch Hazel extracts sanitizes and smoothes skin, providing a refreshing, revitalizing effect

The Allantoin could be what’s healing my hands as well as the Prickly Pear properties.


I am so happy to bring you this review. These products are luxury and top quality. I would recommend them to everyone.

And I give it a “Spoonie Approved” !!

Thank you Ahava for providing me with these beautiful products. I love them very much and will be ordering lots more as I run out. So please keep making them. Your Prickly Pear Moringa Line is a huge hit!!

I am very proud to be an Ahava Affiliate Merchant so if you are wanting to purchase these products you can use my link below to buy directly from their website. As an, affiliate I receive a small commission on whatever you buy. Thank you it helps me keep this site up and running.

And they have a great sale running until August 22nd !!

Buy More, Save More: 30% Off All Orders, 40% Off Orders $150+ & 50% Off Orders $250+! Use Code: AUGSALE. Valid through 8/22!

@Ahava_US on Twitter

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Organic Aromas Essential Oil Aromatherapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Today I was happy to see a box on my door, from Organic Aromas. This product has been sent to me for my review and opinion. As many of you know, I live with two chronic illnesses daily. Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, both diseases are extremely painful and debilitating a lot of the time. Living in pain every day of your life can be not just a physical struggle but also a major mental struggle. You are constantly looking for any sort of distraction from the pain to keep you moving and functioning through the days. I consider myself to be extremely strong mentally, but sometimes the pain, fatigue, and frustration take over. So, when I was asked if I was interested in reviewing Organic Aromas Essential Oil Diffuser I was very happy. A distraction! Over the years I have heard about the benefits of Essential oils for pain relief but I never bothered to try it. Also, kind of didn’t believe in smelly oils taking my pain awDSC_0219[1]ay. If my medicine doesn’t do it, how can a smell? I asked myself.

After doing lots of research on the internet about the benefits of essential oils for illness and chronic pain. Leaving about the benefits of Lavender, Chamomile, Bergamot and many others. I opened up the box and put my disbelief aside. The Ionic Nebuliser was packaged very well. It comes with a beautiful glass oil reservoir with a nice glass cap and an electric bamboo base. It comes with a bottle of Pure Essential oil in the scent of Serenity. I put a few drops in the glass reservoir and turned it on. It lite up with the most beautiful colours! Reds, pinks, purples, blues and greens as it changes colors you can see the oil running over the light inside. Very beautiful and soothing just to look at. The smell is amazing, hints of spearmint and peppermint gently filled the living room. The scent carried a good way through my house. My husband and I had been sitting on the sofa watching a movie.

Well, two hours later I woke up from a wonderful nap. I look over and my husband is snoring beside me along with our two dogs at our feet. My pain level had dropped and I felt refreshed and peaceful. When my husband woke up a little while later I looked at him and said, wow this aromatherapy stuff works ! I absolutely love this product and I will recommend it to everyone. Now I am going to need to stock up on oils because I know I will be using Organic Aromas daily.


You can find Organic Aromas at:

@Organicaromas on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+

Thank you Organicaromas for this beautiful product to review. All opinions in this post are my own and always will be. I love this product !


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Kroma Makeup review by Stofls


Kroma Makeup was the very first cosmetic review I did when I first started my beauty blogging life. It was a pleasure and honor to tell you about this world famous award winning makeup. Here we are again. I am pleased to bring you a review of their “Promise Me Enchanted Collection”.

Kroma means color in greek. The Kroma makeup collection is the best quality of botanical luxury products. With colors in every shade, you can imagine and customize options for all skin tones. With over 200 products to choose from, Kroma has been sponsors at many fashion and makeup shows. Loved by actresses and models all over the world. High-class luxury products.


This is a lipstick from their Promise Me Enchanted collection in the shade “Fairytale”. 

It is a beautiful pink with shimmer highlights. The lipstick is perfect for every occasion work and pleasure. The pigments are bright and last a long time, I went five hours without having to touch it up. The formula they use is very moisturizing and light on the lips, smells nice and it’s not sticky. I love wearing lipsticks that I know is botanical, and toxin-free, it just makes me feel that much healthier. I received several compliments from friends and the odd stranger over the weekend I tested it out. I felt beautiful which boosted my self-esteem, which I believe lipstick is meant to do. cropped-12371070_10153233228092548_1257381218755484338_o1.jpg

I was raised to never leave home without your lipstick on. Even without any other makeup on, the lipstick gives you color and a glow in your face, no matter the color you wear. So, the days you are in a hurry, apply Kroma’s lipstick before you walk out the door, and feel beautiful for the rest of your day.

Hold yourself with pride and know you are gorgeous inside and out.


Which will naturally make you smile. A smile is contagious and will brighten up someone’s day. A stranger in the coffee shop or subway. A stranger who might really need that smile, you have made their day a little bit brighter.

10% of all sales from the “Promise Me” collection will benefit the Preeclampsia Foundation !! “This unique partnership with Kroma Makeup represents the mom-centric opportunity for us to raise awareness of Preeclampsia”. Foundation Executive Director Eleni Tsiqas.

What an excellent opportunity to support a great cause. Thank you Kroma Makeup !.

You can find Kroma Makeup

Kroma Makeup Website

Kroma Makeup Twitter Page

Kroma Instagram Page

Their award winning makeup studio in central Florida

Phone: 407 622-1086

166 Lookout Place Suite  200
Maitland, FL 32751 

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Stofls News

This next week or two are going to be exciting! I have so many exciting products coming in the mail for review.

And lots of playing with my new Katvond #Serpentina palette ! Thank you, my beautiful friend,  Janine for the amazing gift and surprise. Spent a great day together with her yesterday. We strolled around Tombstone and had lunch at Big Nose Kate’s. Janine drove all the way down from Phx to visit me. Which means so much to me !! Since most people can’t be bothered because “you live in the sticks”. So she really touched my heart. It was nice to meet another beauty blogger and talk about what we have in common and her experiences witimages (5)h the industry and her success. Janine is a beautiful lady inside and out. I have made a new friend for life.

I have my first #glossybox arriving! I finally caved and subscribed after seeing so many great reviews about the company.

Gorgeous Lipstick arrived from Kroma Makeup for review, up on the blog tomorrow.

Redapple Lipstick is surprising me with something on its way YAY!

Pacific Muse contest results tomorrow I hope!! Fingers crossed please for me !!

Three products on its way from CIB Bloggers !

Ahava on its way!

So the next couple weeks should be fun with lots to write about. And lots of playing with makeup my favorite hobby of them all. Photos of my creative looks will be posted on my Instagram, of course. don’t forget to follow me please.

Love Tara Hill